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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory


You tell us what you want, we make sure you always have it.

Vendor Managed Inventory is just that. Lord & Sons, Inc. takes on the job of making sure you never run out of the things you need to get the job done. Whether it's on the jobsite or in the shop, there are those essentials, those materials you need every day. You know the feeling, you reach in the bin and realize you've run out. It's Friday afternoon and you can't wait until Monday.


How It Works:

Our VMI team works together with you to build a program that includes all of your essentials. They'll determine your needs by reviewing your established purchasing history and working to reduce excess inventory at your location.

In the field: We pre-fill a box with hardware with the essentials and ship it to each jobsite. You decide what goes in, you decide how much you need. We visit your box and take inventory, ordering just what you need at predetermined intervals. When the job is over it can be refilled and shipped to a new location.

In the shop: We can build on an existing stock area or provide a pre-loaded bin-rack for your shop. All of the items you use daily can be stocked to predetermined levels that we check for you, you never run out and we never over-stock.


Customer Benefits:

Cost-cutting is a fundamental principle in business and our VMI program helps you achieve your cost-cutting goals. No more wasted time and labor going to the will-call counter for that emergency item. No need to wait for the delivery coming the next day.

Reducing costs isn't limited to labor in the field, it is also achieved by reducing the number of purchase orders that are made every day.

Lord and Sons is proud of our relationships with our customers.  Customer service is a cornerstone of our business.  The VMI program is another example of our drive to continue to exceed customer expectations.