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About Lord & Sons Lord & Sons, Inc. was founded in San Jose, California, in 1971. The Company began as a distributor of construction fasteners, specializing in structural steel-frame bolting. Within a few years, Lord & Sons began its own fabrication department, manufacturing a variety of threaded-rod products that it continues to produce today. Lord & Sons has grown to a four-branch organization spanning northern and southern California with a broad base of construction and industrial/OEM customers in the western United States and beyond. The Company’s mission statement is to provide superior customer service and quality products.

The Company's offering of products has since expanded beyond its complete spectrum of threaded fasteners in carbon, alloy and non-ferrous materials. Lord & Sons is now a major multiple-line brand-name distributor of many product lines. These lines include Specified Technologies (STI) firestop products, Unistrut® channel framing and fittings for industry and construction requirements, Lord & Sons’ own patented SPF seismic retrofittable fittings (www.unistrutseismic.com), the Powers Fastener concrete and adhesive anchor line, and brands of Seismic Holdown Systems for multi-story wood frame structures.

The Company has added an in-house structural engineering department including two structural engineers (SE stamp) for its seismic and Unistrut® products. The services offered by the engineering department include review and analysis of a design, seismic-bracing design, layout and submittals, load-point reviews, and calculations and PE or SE sealing as required.