Sharp Point Types

Sharp point  Sharp Point
Standard screw point for fastening into wood and other medium to soft materials.
 Self Drilling  Self-Drilling Point
Point designed to drill through very thin sections too thick to be pierced. The number of the point determines the drilling capacity o the fastener. The higher the number, the thicker the material can be drilled.
Spade Point  Spade Point
Used primarily to attach cement board to wood or light-gauge steel. The spade point penetrates the board without cracking it.

Winged  Winged
Used with self-drilling point when attaching wood to steel or other hard material. Wings eliminate predrilling of wood. Wings break off when they hit the second material to allow the threads to engage for a tight joinery.

Type 17  Type 17
Long, sharp point with flute, which creates its own pilot point as well as displaces some of wood pitch.
Self Peircing  Self-Piercing Point
Needle point designed for use in relatively thin selections. The point literally stabs through the material, making a hole slightly smaller than the minor diameter of the threads. This allows the threads to extrude the metal for increased thread engagement and reduces the tendency to strip-out.