Head Types

 Head Types      
Bugle Head  Bugle
For fastening gypsum and soft woods. Tapered bugle head seats flush with either drywall or wood.
 Round Washer Round Washer (modified  Truss or K-Lath)
Low profile for steel track, k-lath, and hat section to studs. Provides a larger bearing area for working iwth softer materials
Flat  Flat
For wood to steel.
Pancake  Pancake
Low profile for steel to steel.
Hex Washer Head  Hex Washer
For steel to steel.
Phillips  Phillips Trim
“+” shaped recess designed to cam out before being overdrawn.
Pan  Pan
For steel to steel. Flat bearing surface is ideal for attaching light-gauge steel to light-gauge steel.
Square  Square Trim
For wood to steel. Countersunk like finishing nails. Fits securely on driver bit, enabling one-handed fastening.
Oval  Oval
For wood to steel, with a rounded head finish.
Truss  Truss
For covering larger diameter clearance holes in sheet metal when additional play in assembly tolerance is required.
Wafer  Wafer
For wood to steel.