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Eye Screws

Eye ScrewScrew with a looped head. Larger ones are sometimes called lag eye screws. Designed to be used as attachment point, particularly for something that is hung from it.

Available in the following finishes and sizes:
Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Black Oxide, Silicone Bronze, Yellow Zinc, Aluminum, 316 SS, and 304/18-8/410 SS.

EYE LAG, 1/4 X 1-1/2"
EYE LAG,1/4x2-1/2"(4"OAL)
EYE LAG,1/4 X 3
EYE LAG,1/4x3-1/2(5"OAL)
EYE LAG,1/4x3-3/4
EYE LAG,1/4x4-1/2(6"OAL)
EYE LAG,1/4x5
EYE LAG,5/16x3-1/4
EYE LAG,5/16 x 4
EYE LAG,5/16 x 6
EYE LAG,3/8"x4.5"
EYE LAG,3/8 X 5"OAL (1"ID)
EYE LAG, 3/8" X 6"
EYE LAG,1/2 X 3-1/2