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Hex Nuts

Hex NutHexagonal shaped nut with internal screw thread.

Also available in Grade 5 and Grade 8.

Available in the following finishes and sizes:
Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Black Oxide, Silicone Bronze, Yellow Zinc, Aluminum, 316 SS, and 304/18-8/410 SS.

Description Description
HEX NUT, 1/4-20 HEX NUT,1-3/8-6
HEX NUT,1/4-28 HEX NUT,1 3/8-12
HEX NUT,5/16-18 HEX NUT,1-1/2-6
HEX NUT,5/16-24 HEX NUT,1 1/2-12
HEX NUT, 3/8-16 HEX NUT,1-5/8-5 1/2
HEX NUT,3/8-24 HEX NUT,1-3/4-5
HEX NUT,7/16-14 HEX NUT,1 3/4-12
HEX NUT,7/16-20 HEX NUT,2-4 1/2
HEX NUT,1/2-13 HEX NUT,2-12
HEX NUT,1/2-20 HEX NUT,2-1/4-4 1/2
HEX NUT,9/16-12 HEX NUT,2 1/4-12
HEX NUT,9/16-18 HEX NUT,2-1/2-4
HEX NUT,5/8-11 HEX NUT,2-3/4-4
HEX NUT,5/8-18 HEX NUT,2 3/4-12
HEX NUT,3/4-10 HEX NUT,3-4
HEX NUT,3/4-16 HEX NUT,3-12
HEX NUT,7/8-9 HEX NUT 3-48
HEX NUT, 7/8-14 HEX NUT 4-40
HEX NUT,1-8 HEX NUT, 6-32
HEX NUT, 1-14 HEX NUT, 8-32
HEX NUT,1-1/8-7 HEX NUT, 10-24
HEX NUT,1 1/8-12 HEX NUT, 10-32
HEX NUT,1-1/4-7 HEX NUT,12-24
HEX NUT,1 1/4-12