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Gebrüder Thiele

Gebruder Thiele

Lord & Sons is proud to be part of Gebrüder Thiele's more than 150 year history of unmatched quality and service! Gebrüder Thiele was founded in 1848 in Bremen, Germany and has leveraged success and managed growth on a global scale ever since.  Longevity and profundity define Gebrüder Thiele, and provides the basis for which its group of companies has continuously excelled.


Gebrüder Thiele's Trading & Consumer Products focus has historically included solutions-based  construction material and housing technologies, environmental technologies, and  property & investment services. Gebrüder Thiele Group  focuses on building partnerships with customers, and the idea that business relationships should be measured in decades, not quarters.  The Gebruder Thiele Group is known for its integrity, high moral standards and a customer service focused culture, as well as more than a century of experience developing opportunities, creating growth, and innovative development. With a strong mix of trading and manufacturing activities in Europe, the United States, and Asia, Gebrüder Thiele has consistently established itself as a force in the marketplace. 


Beyond just high moral standards and steadfast shareholders,  we believe it is successful globalization,  cost leadership,  and vertical integration of the value-added chain that encompasses the foundation of the Group’s propitious development over so many years. That is why Lord & Sons, Inc. is a proud member of the Gebrüder Thiele group of companies and believe that it is our shared culture of service and excellence that will provide the solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations, and redefine the service expectations in the construction supply industry.