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Timber Bolts

Timber BoltsGalvanized drop forged timber bolts sometimes called mushroom head bolts or dome head bolts can be used in both marine and treated wood applications due to the heavy galvanization applied to the bolts.  The underside of the oversized rounded bolt head has four nubs or fins which prevent the bolt from turning in the timber (some manufacturers only have two fins).  Timber bolts can be used for many of the same applications as machine bolts and the oversized head eliminates the need for a  washer on the bolt head end. Available in the following finishes and sizes:
Plain, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Black Oxide, Silicone Bronze, Yellow Zinc, Aluminum, 316 SS, and 304/18-8/410 SS.

5/8-11 x 10W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 12W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 14W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 16W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 18W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 20W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 22W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 24W/6"THD
5/8-11 x 26W/6"THD
3/4-10 x 12W/6"THD
3/4-10 x 14W/6"THD
3/4-10 x 16W/6"THD
3/4-10 x 18W/6"THD